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University of Oxford – The Kennedy Institute Of Rheumatology, Oxford

New Roof Extension Project – Completed 2021


A new sub main cable was installed and connected to the buildings busbar system. This feeds Three new Schneider distributions boards (Lighting, Power & Mechanical) all complete with MID approved metering.


We installed separate containment systems for the LV, ICT and fire alarm wiring. Co-ordinated with the others trades, especially the mechanical contractor meant we had no clashes and all was fully assessable once the project was completed.


13amp socket outlets were provided throughout providing power to the workspaces, general areas, kitchen and meeting rooms. RCD protection was provided where required. Power was also provided for the new HVAC equipment as required.


New Zumtobel LED lighting was installed throughout the new extension, predominantly slot lighting recessed into the plasterboard ceilings  providing a sleek look, but maximising the light output. Other Zumtobel products were used to light the corridor, breakout and communal areas too. All complete with Dali technology integrated into the Ex-Or intelligent lighting control solutions enabling full control and  allowing day light harvesting, reducing the energy consumed. Where some meeting rooms had folding partition walls the lighting control system was able to recognise when these were opened and change the amount of light fittings it controlled.

Emergi emergency lighting was installed, connected and commissioned onto the building’s existing monitoring platform

ICT Wiring & Outlets

All cat6 ICT wiring was installed to each workspace on new containment systems, terminating into  the data cabinet located within the newly formed comms room. New fibre optic cables were installed from an existing comms room to feed the new one. An audio & visual solution was provided for each of the meeting rooms.

Fire Alarm

A new fire alarm ‘loop’ was installed and connected for the extension, this included refuge points for people needing assistance, connected to the buildings existing system. Commissioned by Pyrotec.

Access Control  

New access control was installed where required, fully installed and commissioned Chris Lewis Fire & Security.

Lightning Protection 

The existing lightning protection to the building was adapted to suit the extension. Installed and tested by Horizon.


Whilst the roof was having a new extension built we were also involved in creating Four new ‘video meeting pods’ , a first aid room, extending a freezer room, and repurposing existing offices to an open area work space. All of these areas had new lighting, power and ICT wiring as described above.

The Project received both a certificate commending it as one of Oxford’s best new buildings and the OPT Green Award in recognition of the project team’s efforts to create a more sustainable building


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University of Oxford – Old Road Campus Research Build, Oxford

Gas Detection System Installation – Completed 2020

Alongside International Gas Detectors (IGD) we delivered a whole building Gas Detection system to protect the people working within the building against hazardous gases used.

We installed a total of 45 CO2 sensors to multiple labs spread across the building, each unit was connected to a room status indicator and sounder-beacon, ensuring the lab users were warned of dangerous levels of gas both before or after entering a room dependant on the levels being monitored.

Each room status indicator has its own unique identification and is wired to a central system controller for that level/floor.  All controllers are linked to each other and a 15″ monitor located at the reception desk, enabling a complete overview of the whole system at a touch of a screen, and of course an alert of any dangerous levels.

The warning systems did not stop there. We also interfaced each controller into the buildings management system so that the building management team received an alert via email and text message too!

The installation was wired in low smoke, zero halogen thermoplastic sheath FP200 Gold cable, fixed to the containment systems throughout the building.

The University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute were working at unprecedented speed to develop and deliver the The Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine within the building whilst we were carrying out our installation. A strict programme of works were put in place so that we never caused any inconvenience to the teams working on this vital vaccine.


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University of Oxford – Oriental Institute, Library, Pusey Lane

Library Refurbishment Project – Completed 2020

Working with Kingerlee Ltd, we carried out the installation of new distribution, power, access control, fire alarm and lighting including emergency, within the Department of Oriental Institute library,the refurbished works were located in the reception, research room and offices.

We used suspended luminaires supplied by Zumtobel lighting, complete with Hostwave Emergency lights, all controlled via a sensor control system from Ex-Or.

The architectural nature of the library meant we installed power coated containment to blend into its environment. The Distribution system was upgraded with new Distribution boards being installed complete with Rayleigh meters and Dehn Surge protection units.

New power installation was installed for the new layout complete with additional fire detection devices commissioned by Pyrotec services.

Salto door access equipment was installed and commissioned by Chris Lewis Security.

Now the library has been transformed into the ideal space for all users!  A reception area, divided away from the reading areas and glass walls creating an open plan feel but also providing quiet reading areas.

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The building was formerly used to house the University’s Mathematics department,. Although not listed, the building was built in the mid-1960s so a sympathetic and wide scale refurbishment was needed.

Strict scheduling meant that that the Monard team had to work alongside other main trades within a seven month programme. The first major Cat 6A installation for Monard, the contractor install and completely new metal containment scheme, power, lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarm system, access control, and trunking to meet the complex specification.

Richard Francis, Project Manager at Monard, said: “Monard Electrical has a strong background and extensive experience working within the higher education and listed building sectors and has been involved with many University projects through the years.

“This has been an interesting project for us in that it’s our first major Cat 6A installation. The building was pretty vast and the new containment had to run throughout the entire building. Due to the nature of the department, high levels of data/bandwidth was essential.

“Most businesses are still choosing Cat5e or Cat6 as these systems are perfectly adequate for most current applications. Those that look at Cat6a do so for future proofing purposes. If the cabling system is five or more years, Cat6a should be considered. If the planned lifetime is ten or more years, Cat6a should be the over-riding solution, even for relatively low performance users. Whilst we have seen Cat6a largely in data centres, there is a slowly shifting trend towards Cat 6a as people consider the long term as an increasingly important factor.”

Aesthetically, the architect’s vision was to create an industrial feel to the Statistics building and left the overhead cabling exposed. This also served to give the building a greater sense of light and space.

All of the services were exposed in the Statistics Building using galvanised cable Basket, Tray and trunking. This feature was retained throughout and whilst making little difference to our approach to the installation, it did affect our scheduling, working around other trades. Plasterers and decorators needed to finish their scope of works before we could begin the install which was managed with lots attention to logistics, communicating regularly with the project manager and other trades on site.”

This was a large scale project with a value of £1 million. At one point we had 18 electricians working at the project with 5 of our apprentices. We managed to complete the project on time and ready for the new academic year.

This has been a fantastic project to be involved in. The Monard team have carried out the work in rapid time ready for the students to relocate in January this year.

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Holder Building – Oxford University

Electrical upgrade for the Department of Materials and Department of Engineering – Completed 2012

In 2012 we started a 2 year job to rewire areas of the Holder Building, alongside the project designers Foreman Roberts. The work included replacing lighting, containment, distribution, small power, metering and data network in the labs and teaching spaces. The ground floor electron Microscopy and Microanalysis Facility enjoyed a total upgrade involving careful planning and design thanks to the sensitivity of the equipment used.


Praise for Monard’s work

“For the duration of the project Monard electrical provided an excellent service in terms of project management and quality of installation, I would have no hesitation in recommending this Monard team to others.”

Steve Fleming (Foreman Roberts)

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University of Oxford – Department of Physiology, Sherrington building


Main corridors – Lighting Refurbishment Project – Completed 2018

We were delighted to design and install a new LED Lighting system with automated controls to the main corridors in the prestigious Sherrington building.

The contemporary suspended luminaires in the corridors were supplied by Zumtobel lighting, controlled via a smart lighting control system supplied by Ex-or. And we also installed Zumtobel Online Resclite luminaires to provide highly effective emergency lighting to every corridor. As a result the overall look is much cleaner and brighter, as well as being a great deal more energy efficient.

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University of Oxford – Laboratory Electrical Refurbishment Project


Laboratory Electrical Refurbishment Project – Completed 2018

Our electrical work on the brand new laboratory space in the University of Oxford Physiology Department’s science area went smoothly, installing new distribution boards, power circuits, LED lighting, fire alarm, data and access controls.

The Schneider distribution boards we specified gave the laboratory its own dedicated power and lighting supplies. The new LED lighting came from Zumtobel, designed to provide total control of lit areas via a smart lighting control system supplied by Ex-or. The system even automatically adjusts the light output based on the amount natural daylight available.

Our power installation uses Marco dado trunkings cleverly fixed to walls and benches, and the data and access control systems were installed by our trusted subcontractor Lineartron. The Laboratory is now a clean, bright, welcoming space, ideal for its new users.

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University of Oxford – Sherrington Building – Lighting Refurbishment


Lighting Refurbishment Project – Completed 2018

We were asked to design and install a new LED Lighting system within the Physiology department’s library, installing new LED lighting and controls so the room could be used for meetings and lectures as well as reading and studying.

We used suspended luminaires supplied by Zumtobel lighting, complete with up lights on the book cases from ACDC lighting, all controlled via a superb smart lighting control system from Casambi.

The architectural nature of the library meant we had to re-use the existing wiring system, and couldn’t actually change the positions of the old lights. So we used Casambi controls to programme individual lights for various scene settings, via Bluetooth technology. Now the library has been transformed into the ideal meeting room for all sorts of circumstances, featuring a highly flexible lighting system that’s also wonderfully simple to use.

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University of Oxford – Sherrington Building – Staircase Lighting


Relighting of east and west staircases – completed 2018

The existing lighting illuminating the Physiology department’s staircase was very poor, making the space look dull and drab. It was our job to remove the existing luminaires and controls, then provide and install new lighting and controls to improve the illumination of the east and west stairs. It was also important to light the artworks on the walls.

We used Fagerhult Limburg pendant luminaires to hang from the staircase ceilings, designed to deliver a brilliant spiral effect made of globe LED lights and spanning all the floor levels. And we brought Simes up and down wall LED lights and Zumtobel Supersystem II LED spot light modules into play to create an even brighter, more inviting space.

The Smart control system we used came from EX-OR, designed to give absence and light level control to both staircases. And Zumtobel Online Resclite luminaries provided top class emergency lighting to both staircases.

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Rothermere American Institute


Lighting Refurbishment Project – Completed 2017

We were commissioned to complete the LED Lighting replacement project in Oxford University’s beautiful Rothermere American Institute library. The project included the replacement of every luminaire in the building, and was beautifully designed by Steve Fleming from Foreman Roberts consultants.

The luminaires in many areas were supplied by Zumtobel lighting and controlled via a smart lighting control system supplied by Ex-Or. The unique architectural nature of the building – which is exposed concrete with a dramatic atrium featuring floor to ceiling windows – meant we had to get creative with the design, dreaming up effective bespoke solutions to re-wire 15,000m of cabling and install more than 500 new luminaires.

Since we finished the works the library has seen a dramatic drop in energy use, while improving the user experience and making a more suitable atmosphere for the students.

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