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Metering Solutions


Electricity is expensive. So are gas and water. No wonder  our smart metering solutions are becoming more and more popular, a reliable way to cut your electricity, gas and water usage and reduce your bills.

The many applications of smart meters

We supply smart electrical meters, gas meters, water and heat meters. Because we’ve created such strong relationships with expert suppliers, and are so familiar with smart tech, we install smart metering solutions on all manner of new projects as well as retrofits to current installations.

We have intimate knowledge of the technology 

Through our intimate knowledge of working with manufacturers like Schneider, Rayleigh Instruments and Kamstrup, we’re perfectly placed to provide the smart metering solution that best suits you. That might mean a simple ‘MID Approved’ electrical sub-meter installed in an adaptable box to bill from. Or it could involve a complete smart metering system made up of hundreds of different meters linked to a remote monitoring system collecting half-hourly data, logging via ‘Modbus’, ‘M-Bus’ or ‘GPRS’. The information a complex system like this delivers makes it easy to generate automatic tenant bills and equally easy to monitor trends and manage costs.

These systems let you remotely monitor and control various aspects of your building. We can set alarms to let you know if there’s a power interruption or a threshold of some sort has been met. You can keep an eye on the efficiency of your mechanical plant and know exactly how much your renewable energy installation systems – for example solar panels – are exporting, giving you an overview of your CO2 emissions.

If you already have a metering system we can help you manage it effectively, including interfacing new types of meters onto the system for you. We’ll validate meters periodically, important when you need to know you’re collecting the right data, especially when used in combination with primary billing meters.