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Domestic Refurbishment – Berkshire

Remodelling and refurbishment of residence – Completed 2020

Working with Stanhope Gate Architecture and West Hill Projects we carried out numerous electrical alterations to this fabulous residence in Berkshire. These consisted of –

  • New feature lighting throughout, linked to the smart building controls
  • Air-conditioning supplies
  • A new increased electrical supply
  • Additional socket and data outlets
  • New external lighting
  • New AV wiring and outlets throughout the building
  • Complete fit out of the new security building
  • New mechanical supplies
  • Complete fit out of a new cinema room
  • Full electrical inspection and conditioning report

Collaborating with the mechanical engineers,  joiners and decorators a superb solution and finish was achieved.



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Electric Vehicle Charge Point – Private Residence, Barton Park, Oxford.

Clients Requirement –

Our client had purchased a Tesla Wall Connector  and wanted a new electrical supply installed and connected to the unit. We installed the Wall Connector too.

Solution/Installation –

The existing distribution board we agreed to install the new circuit from unfortunately didn’t have any spare capacity, therefore we had to replace this. We installed a Proteus 12way unit that incorporates Surge Protection. We recommend that Surge Protection is always installed to our clients electrical installation. This protects valuable electrical items, including your shiny new car!!

The new distribution board fitted nicely within the existing IP rated adaptable box. We installed and connected a new 32amp circuit complete with rcd protection from the distribution board to the Tesla Wall Connector, the cable was installed within a uPVC conduit to provide mechanical protection. An earth rod was installed to provide the correct earthing arrangement and  all of the existing circuits re-connected. Electrical tests were carried out and certification provided.

Particular Challenges –

Tesla EV chargers do not incorporate 6mA DC fault current protection, therefore this ether needed to be provided/installed separately or a type A rcd provided. We discussed this with the client and decided that a type A rcd shall be installed.

Technical –

Manufacturer – Tesla

Model – Wall Connector

Mode 3 Superfast Charging.

Up to 4 Wall Connectors can share available power, perfect for families with more than one EV

Customizable power levels and compatible with every different grid connection

Recommended for Model X, Model S and Model 3

Proteus 12 Way 100A Isolator Incomer Metal Clad Consumer Unit with Type 2+3 SPD


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Electric Vehicle Charge Point – Private Residence, Oxfordshire.

Clients Requirement –

Our client had purchased a new Tesla model 3 vehicle and gave us an outline of wanting a tethered fast charging Type 2 unit. A smart unit was also a necessary requirement as our client wanted to take advantage of the governments OLEV grant fund – saving £500* on the cost of the installation.

Solution/Installation –

We agreed to install and connect the new circuit from the existing distribution board located in our clients garage to Rolec Wallpod:EV Homesmart EV charge. We installed a new SWA (steel wired armored) cable from the distribution board to a location agreed enabling the 5m long tethered lead to reach the plug-in point on the vehicle. The cable was securely fixed to the car-port.

We connected the new 32amp circuit complete with rcd protection from the distribution board to the Rolec charger, an earth rod was installed to provide the correct earthing arrangement and electrical tests were carried out. Certification was provided instantly using the NICEIC testing/certification web app. This helps us to provide the certificates instantly to our clients giving them peace of mind and to notify building control of works carried out under Part P, if required. 

Help was given to our client in setting up an account on the App to control the charger and we confirmed all was well and working before leaving site.

Particular Challenges –

This property has a ‘looped’ electrical supply, meaning that we were required to contact the local DNO (Distribution Network Operator) to apply for the proposed EV charger before we went ahead with the installation.

Technical –

Manufacturer – Rolec

Model – EVHS2140

7kW Mode 3 Fast Charging


Built-in MID compliant kWh meter

App Controllable

Built-in LED Charging Status Indicator.

*OLEV grant available pre April 2020.

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Domestic Refurbishment + Extension Project – Oxford – Kingerlee

Scope of works –

Rear ground floor single storey side and rear extensions and general refurbishment of a 4 storey house. The existing electrical system to be completely stripped out and a brand new system installed.

Installation –

Firstly we isolated all of the existing electrical services and completely removed all wiring and accessories. New power, lighting, data, telephone and AV wiring and outlets were required. Dedicated circuits for items like the Photovoltaic system, fire alarm and boiler were taken from a new distribution board complete with RCD protection, where required.

The general lighting installation was carried out using LSF 6242BH cabling installed within the fabric of the building. Lighting is generally controlled by on/off switches and some dimmer switched plus PIR sensors to the rear garden. Some lighting switches control the ventilation in certain area’s too.

Telephone,data and AV cabling was installed to all rooms from a central location allowing complete versatility.

‘Pop-up’ sockets were installed to the Kitchen island allowing appliances to be plugged in when needed but leaving a nice clean/flat worktop when not required.

Sky light control is available from a wall switch, rain sensors are installed just in case a sudden downpour was to dampen the mood.

The Fire Alarm is an D21LD2 category system as per the drawings and specification in all areas, wired utilising LSF 6242BH cabling. This is connected to a dedicated 230volt circuit. The Aico detectors used have a secondary battery power supply if the mains were to fail.

Unique aspects and challenges –

The property was heated by a wood pellet boiler, a pellet store was constructed in the basement and pellets were automatically pumped into the boiler when required. The carbon monoxide levels can rise to dangerous levels in pellet stores so a Simplicity CO monitoring system was installed. Sensors where installed in adjacent rooms to the pellet store itself, these sensors constantly monitor the CO levels and displays the levels on the panels screen located in the hallway on the level above. The panel will raise an alarm if the CO level has reached a set limit.

Extra careful planning, co-ordination and installation of the wiring and accessories  was required due to the flush wall/ceiling panel heating installed within the property. Wall mounted radiators weren’t wanted, so heating pipes similar to a underfloor system was installed to the walls and ceilings. Our electrician and the plumber got to know each-other very well!!

Technical details –

  • MK Sentry  – Distribution
  • MK Logic – Accessories
  • Panasonic telephone system
  • Aico – Smoke/Heat and CO detection
  • Honeywell wireless doorbell
  • Collingwood H2 Lite downlights
  • Heatmiser – Underfloor/wall/ceiling heating controls
  • Airflow ventilation
  • Simplicity CO, carbon monoxide detection
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Refurbishment of 6 Observatory Street – Completed 2019

Client – Green Templeton College

Green Templeton College own many properties on Observatory street Oxford and carry out refurbishments to these properties keeping them to a high standard of accommodation.

Monard Electrical working with Richard Wards Builders and many other contractors carried out a full refurbishment of 6 Observatory street including a complete electrical rewire, Mechanical services and decoration throughout the property.

LED Lighting was installed complete with MK Logic accessories and Hager Distribution board which contained internal Surge protection.

A Fire Alarm system was installed and linked to the colleges Lodge with commissioning being carried out by Pyrotec Services.

Praise for the refurbishment works by all involved

“I would like to take a moment to relay my appreciation on what has been a fantastic transformation of a very sad old property. The finish speaks volumes for your expertise and attention to detail. You have been professional, obliging, and courteous at all times and it has been a true pleasure working with you all.”

Steve Williams, Clerk of Works, Green Templeton College

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Electric Vehicle Charge Point – Private Residence, Oxfordshire.

Clients Requirement –

Our client wanted a robust twin outlet unit capable of charging their car in a few hours. They wanted this to be located at the front of the property, supplied from a local distribution board and asked that we ran the cable through a flower bed to the charger.


Solution/Installation –

We recommended the Rolec Securicharge  model based on the robustness of the unit and the 3phase superfast charging capability.


Particular Challenges –

As this unit exceeded the 13.8kVa maximum demand set by the energy networks association  for residential properties, we contacted the local DNO (Distribution Network Operator) to apply for the proposed EV charger.

A part of the application asks for the maximum demand of the property to be stated. As this particular property has a large electrical installation we discussed and agreed the use of monitoring equipment to determine this reading. We used the Acksen EC-7VAR-RS Electrocorder. This allowed us to submit an accurate value for the application to the DNO.  The information recorded also provided our client with extremely helpful data that they could use to investigate how the use of power at the property could be more sustainable.

Technical –

Manufacturer – Rolec

Model – EVSC0210.

2x 32amp 3phase (22kW) Type 2 Sockets.

Built-in Overload and Fault Current Protection.

Mode 3 Superfast Charging.


Fire Retardant

Key Operated.

Built-in LED Charging Status Indicator.

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