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Electric Vehicle Charge Point – Private Residence, Barton Park, Oxford.

Clients Requirement –

Our client had purchased a Tesla Wall Connector  and wanted a new electrical supply installed and connected to the unit. We installed the Wall Connector too.

Solution/Installation –

The existing distribution board we agreed to install the new circuit from unfortunately didn’t have any spare capacity, therefore we had to replace this. We installed a Proteus 12way unit that incorporates Surge Protection. We recommend that Surge Protection is always installed to our clients electrical installation. This protects valuable electrical items, including your shiny new car!!

The new distribution board fitted nicely within the existing IP rated adaptable box. We installed and connected a new 32amp circuit complete with rcd protection from the distribution board to the Tesla Wall Connector, the cable was installed within a uPVC conduit to provide mechanical protection. An earth rod was installed to provide the correct earthing arrangement and  all of the existing circuits re-connected. Electrical tests were carried out and certification provided.

Particular Challenges –

Tesla EV chargers do not incorporate 6mA DC fault current protection, therefore this ether needed to be provided/installed separately or a type A rcd provided. We discussed this with the client and decided that a type A rcd shall be installed.

Technical –

Manufacturer – Tesla

Model – Wall Connector

Mode 3 Superfast Charging.

Up to 4 Wall Connectors can share available power, perfect for families with more than one EV

Customizable power levels and compatible with every different grid connection

Recommended for Model X, Model S and Model 3

Proteus 12 Way 100A Isolator Incomer Metal Clad Consumer Unit with Type 2+3 SPD