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Electric Vehicle Charge Point(s) – Oxford College.

Clients Requirement –

Our client wanted two simple and discrete charging points in two locations. One near a workshop and kitchen. This charger would be used to charge the college electric van. The other was located in a car park used by members of staff. Neither charger was required to charge vehicles particularly fast, the electric van would be left to charge overnight.

Solution/Installation –

We recommended the 6.3Kw Wallpod:EV model based on the compact yet impact resistant design and mode 3 fast charging capability. As these units were in secure locations where access is granted to few individuals, no complicated charging permissions were required. Just simply roll up, plug in and start charging your electric vehicle.

Surge protection was absent in both locations so we improved the electrical distribution to include this, Protecting the colleges and staffs much valued vehicles and equipment.

Particular Challenges –

In one of the locations we carried out a ground survey as we had  evidence to suggest that some drainage pipes were located exactly where we intended to install the earth rod that is required as part of this particular install. (TT system). Using the survey results we were able to identify a suitable location remote to the charger to install the earth rod into the ground, ensuring no damage to any underground service.

Government Grant –

The Rolec charge points used are OLEV grant fundable under the work place charging scheme. Our client simply applied for the grant online, generating a voucher code. We then claim against the voucher provided  once our installation is complete, saving money for our client.

Technical –

Manufacturer – Rolec

Model – EVWP2016

1x 16amp (3.6kW) Type 2 Socket Outlet

OLEV Grant Fundable under the Workplace Charging Scheme

Built-in Overload and Fault Current Protection

Mode 3  Charging


Fire Retardant

Built-in LED Charging Status Indicator

MID Approved Kwh Meter