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University of Oxford – The Kennedy Institute Of Rheumatology, Oxford

New Roof Extension Project – Completed 2021


A new sub main cable was installed and connected to the buildings busbar system. This feeds Three new Schneider distributions boards (Lighting, Power & Mechanical) all complete with MID approved metering.


We installed separate containment systems for the LV, ICT and fire alarm wiring. Co-ordinated with the others trades, especially the mechanical contractor meant we had no clashes and all was fully assessable once the project was completed.


13amp socket outlets were provided throughout providing power to the workspaces, general areas, kitchen and meeting rooms. RCD protection was provided where required. Power was also provided for the new HVAC equipment as required.


New Zumtobel LED lighting was installed throughout the new extension, predominantly slot lighting recessed into the plasterboard ceilings  providing a sleek look, but maximising the light output. Other Zumtobel products were used to light the corridor, breakout and communal areas too. All complete with Dali technology integrated into the Ex-Or intelligent lighting control solutions enabling full control and  allowing day light harvesting, reducing the energy consumed. Where some meeting rooms had folding partition walls the lighting control system was able to recognise when these were opened and change the amount of light fittings it controlled.

Emergi emergency lighting was installed, connected and commissioned onto the building’s existing monitoring platform

ICT Wiring & Outlets

All cat6 ICT wiring was installed to each workspace on new containment systems, terminating into  the data cabinet located within the newly formed comms room. New fibre optic cables were installed from an existing comms room to feed the new one. An audio & visual solution was provided for each of the meeting rooms.

Fire Alarm

A new fire alarm ‘loop’ was installed and connected for the extension, this included refuge points for people needing assistance, connected to the buildings existing system. Commissioned by Pyrotec.

Access Control  

New access control was installed where required, fully installed and commissioned Chris Lewis Fire & Security.

Lightning Protection 

The existing lightning protection to the building was adapted to suit the extension. Installed and tested by Horizon.


Whilst the roof was having a new extension built we were also involved in creating Four new ‘video meeting pods’ , a first aid room, extending a freezer room, and repurposing existing offices to an open area work space. All of these areas had new lighting, power and ICT wiring as described above.

The Project received both a certificate commending it as one of Oxford’s best new buildings and the OPT Green Award in recognition of the project team’s efforts to create a more sustainable building


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Refurbishment – St Edmund Hall, Oxford

The refurbishment of the St Edmund Hall Old Dining Hall and fit out of rear servery – Completed 2020

This project involved the refurbishment of the colleges dining hall and servery. Working with Original Field of Architecture  and Richard Ward Oxford we delivered a new lighting solution replacing the old failing electrical wiring, including the general power and fire alarm system. The servery adjacent to the dining hall had a new fit out too.

The new lighting was fitted as specified and designed by Francesco Miniati Lighting Design. iGuzzini fittings were selected and installed at high level to illuminate art work within the dining hall,  The Sattler ‘Ring’ fitting provides a beautiful architectural and functional  aspect to the space.

The existing servery had a electrical panel board within it, supplying numerous parts of the college. As part of our works we were able to co-ordinate and programme a series of shutdowns to move the electrical supplies to a new panel board located just outside of the room. This allowed the room to be fitted out to its maximum potential.

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Low Voltage Distribution Upgrade – St Edmund Hall, Oxford

Upgrades to the LV distribution and cabling  – Completed 2020


Project description: The supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the
upgrade and replacement mains low Voltage (LV) distribution system

Large parts of the existing LV Distribution system has been installed for nearly 40years and is due for
upgrading. Some elements have been upgraded in recent years and this project is proposed to continue

There is existing loose switchgear which contains asbestos which is due to be replaced in order for the
college to safely maintain the system. The majority of the college is currently fed from this switchgear.
In 2015 SSE contracting installed a new switchboard with the intention for this to replace the existing

The purposed of this project is to upgrade existing submains and connect these to the new switchboard
whilst also diverting some existing supplies to the new switchboard. The ultimate aim is the strip out and
safely dispose of the existing redundant switchgear.

Works: New cable tray containment systems were installed to various locations, externally, internally and within an underground service area, enabling the installation of new XLPE/SWA  submain cables. The cables, including 2no 185mm2 4core’s were installed on agreed dates and times with the college. Programming and achieving these works on the agreed date/time was essential to allow the college to continue to operate smoothly.  Some of the cable runs were well over 100 metres long! We carried out all necessary cable and protection device calculations.

Some builders works were required, core-hole drilling, access panels and fire stopping was all provided by our sub-contractor, Richard Ward Oxford Ltd

Our next task was to install new isolators and a switch panel-board, replacing the existing equipment. All new LV switchgear and protective devices have been manufactured by Schneider to provide compatibility with the existing installation.

Having consulted, planned and agreed electrical shutdown dates with St Edmund Hall, we formulated a programme and set to work swapping the supplies from existing to new. Firstly, the asbestos containing material(ACM’s)  were removed, we were then able to disconnect and remove the electrical equipment and connect the new. Some new cabling was connected to the existing switch-gear. This switch-gear is to be replaced as part of future projects.

Existing final circuits(sockets, lighting etc) were incorporated into the upgrade to. We installed new distribution boards, consolidating the existing final circuits, ensuring ongoing maintenance works can be carried out by the college as efficiently as possible.

New emergency lighting was installed throughout the plantroom, labelled and the college logbook updated to reflect the changes. Certification was provided too, as standard. Thorn ‘Aquaforce’ self contained 3hour fittings were selected.

Metering was installed and commissioned as part of the new installation. Readings can be viewed on the display screen but they also have Modbus protocol compatibility, enabling connection to a remote monitoring system.

Updated drawings, technical information and Electrical Installation Certification was provided.


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