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Oxford College Boathouse

The refurbishment of the Christ Church Boat House – Completed 2019

Christ Church’s Boat House is located at the apex of the Cherwell and Thames. It is home the college’s famous Boat Club, first established in 1817.

This project by Montgomery Architects  and delivered by CBG Consultants and ourselves saw the complete renovation of the gym, modernisation of services within the boat store and workshops, and a new punt store extension created. The terrace and gym enjoy stunning views across the rivers, a nice respite from the tough training regimes for the rowing teams.

Electrical services were replaced, with new heating, ventilation , lighting, power, fire alarm and access control systems all installed. The project was completed over two phases, to reduce disruption to the rowers.

New Whitecroft, Pro and ASD LED lighting was selected and installed providing a brighter and more efficient lighting solution. New power outlets were provided for the users and the training equipment. Low energy heaters were also installed keeping users comfortable.

The fire alarm system was upgraded providing greater protection to life and the building, linked to the main site.


Christ Church Boathouse




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Refurbishment – St Edmund Hall, Oxford

The refurbishment of the St Edmund Hall Old Dining Hall and fit out of rear servery – Completed 2020

This project involved the refurbishment of the colleges dining hall and servery. Working with Original Field of Architecture  and Richard Ward Oxford we delivered a new lighting solution replacing the old failing electrical wiring, including the general power and fire alarm system. The servery adjacent to the dining hall had a new fit out too.

The new lighting was fitted as specified and designed by Francesco Miniati Lighting Design. iGuzzini fittings were selected and installed at high level to illuminate art work within the dining hall,  The Sattler ‘Ring’ fitting provides a beautiful architectural and functional  aspect to the space.

The existing servery had a electrical panel board within it, supplying numerous parts of the college. As part of our works we were able to co-ordinate and programme a series of shutdowns to move the electrical supplies to a new panel board located just outside of the room. This allowed the room to be fitted out to its maximum potential.

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Low Voltage Distribution Upgrade – St Edmund Hall, Oxford

Upgrades to the LV distribution and cabling  – Completed 2020


Project description: The supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the
upgrade and replacement mains low Voltage (LV) distribution system

Large parts of the existing LV Distribution system has been installed for nearly 40years and is due for
upgrading. Some elements have been upgraded in recent years and this project is proposed to continue

There is existing loose switchgear which contains asbestos which is due to be replaced in order for the
college to safely maintain the system. The majority of the college is currently fed from this switchgear.
In 2015 SSE contracting installed a new switchboard with the intention for this to replace the existing

The purposed of this project is to upgrade existing submains and connect these to the new switchboard
whilst also diverting some existing supplies to the new switchboard. The ultimate aim is the strip out and
safely dispose of the existing redundant switchgear.

Works: New cable tray containment systems were installed to various locations, externally, internally and within an underground service area, enabling the installation of new XLPE/SWA  submain cables. The cables, including 2no 185mm2 4core’s were installed on agreed dates and times with the college. Programming and achieving these works on the agreed date/time was essential to allow the college to continue to operate smoothly.  Some of the cable runs were well over 100 metres long! We carried out all necessary cable and protection device calculations.

Some builders works were required, core-hole drilling, access panels and fire stopping was all provided by our sub-contractor, Richard Ward Oxford Ltd

Our next task was to install new isolators and a switch panel-board, replacing the existing equipment. All new LV switchgear and protective devices have been manufactured by Schneider to provide compatibility with the existing installation.

Having consulted, planned and agreed electrical shutdown dates with St Edmund Hall, we formulated a programme and set to work swapping the supplies from existing to new. Firstly, the asbestos containing material(ACM’s)  were removed, we were then able to disconnect and remove the electrical equipment and connect the new. Some new cabling was connected to the existing switch-gear. This switch-gear is to be replaced as part of future projects.

Existing final circuits(sockets, lighting etc) were incorporated into the upgrade to. We installed new distribution boards, consolidating the existing final circuits, ensuring ongoing maintenance works can be carried out by the college as efficiently as possible.

New emergency lighting was installed throughout the plantroom, labelled and the college logbook updated to reflect the changes. Certification was provided too, as standard. Thorn ‘Aquaforce’ self contained 3hour fittings were selected.

Metering was installed and commissioned as part of the new installation. Readings can be viewed on the display screen but they also have Modbus protocol compatibility, enabling connection to a remote monitoring system.

Updated drawings, technical information and Electrical Installation Certification was provided.


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Christ Church – Cathedral Lighting – Phase III



Acting as the main contractor on this phase of works, we have started on site having issued our Construction Phase Plan.

Site setup consisting of  protection to Cathedral artifacts, welfare facilities including hand sanitising stations and access equipment(scaffolding) has been carried out and works are underway.

We’re currently installing both FP200 and MICC (fire resistant) cable along the clerestory cable containment system, between the new LED light fittings final location’s in the Latin Chapel, North Aisle, Lady Chapel, South Transept, Central Tower and the power and control devices that are to be installed in a serviceable location.

Final designs of the Mike Stoane luminaires have been submitted  for approval to put into manufacture.

Principal Designer – Purcell

CDM Consultant – Andrew Alder Associates Ltd

Lighting Design – Sutton Vane Associates

Electrical Consultant – CBG


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Night Of Heritage Light 2017

For one night only, some of Oxford’s most beautiful buildings were lit up like never before.

In association with the Society of Light and Lighting, the Night of Heritage Light 2017 celebrated the art and science of light – with fun, creative designs lighting up some of the city’s most iconic sites:

  • Ashmolean Museum
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Museum of the History of Science
  • Bodleian Library quad
  • Radcliffe Camera
  • Radcliffe Observatory
  • Radcliffe Humanities.

Experts in the field of lighting put their designs on display to demonstrate the power of light. Combining their love of light and art, design teams used their skills to enhance the stunning architecture and light up the night-time environment.

Monard assisted each team with the building knowledge, temporary supplies and installation of the luminaires. All luminaires were required to be installed so as not to damage the building and be safe for the public to be in close proximity.

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University College Oxford – Testing electrical installations

Electrical testing – An ongoing project

We were appointed by University College Oxford to carry out electrical installation condition reports, also called periodic testing.

The University’s works department has a really good schedule which lays out exactly when their buildings are to be tested, and we work closely with them to carry out the tests.
Like all Colleges around the University the emphasis is on the students, so we have to co-ordinate our work so it doesn’t affect their studies. This means we have to be completely flexible as well as sensitive to the areas we need to test and the needs of University personnel.

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Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Lighting Refurbishment Project – Completed 2014

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History houses precious scientific collections of zoological, entomological and geological specimens, widely known for its amazing displays of fossils and dinosaurs. Among its most famous features are the Oxfordshire dinosaurs, the dodo, and the swifts in the tower. The Museum itself is a Grade 1 listed building, renowned for its spectacular neo-Gothic architecture.

Monard was the main contractor for the main court's lighting refurbishment, responsible for a major upgrade of the existing perimeter lighting plus the installation of new architectural lighting for the newly-refurbished cast iron and glass roof.

We worked closely with Robert Gregg of University Estates Services and Zumtobel throughout the design process, as well as a joint project developing a system of unique bespoke magnetic mounts for fixing luminaries to the iron pillars, working closely with the Ashmolean Museum.

While the interior scaffolding was in place for work on the glass roof, the delicate cabling operation took place. Cables were sensitively placed so they wouldn’t interfere with the fabric of the building, while still providing enough power to illuminate the vast interior spaces.

Now the museum now has a state-of-the-art DALI lighting control system. It lets museum staff set different lighting according to the time of day, and for different events and exhibitions. The controls can be activated via mobile devices, making it effortless for staff to magically illuminate the museum at the swipe of a finger.

Photography: Redshift Photography

Praise for Monard’s work

Here’s what some of the people involved said about our involvement in the project.

“We could not have achieved this without the obvious commitment, passion and pride in the project displayed by the whole team, and I illustrate this with just one example – 4000 wiring terminations on the project and not a single, solitary loose connection or fault – extraordinary”

Robert Gregg, OUES Electrical Engineer

“I would like to express my gratitude for the professional way in which the Monard team managed and carried out this project. With Monard’s wealth of experience working in heritage environments, the team showed the sensitivity and awareness needed when working in a museum and a Grade 1 listed building.”

Professor Paul Smith, OUMNH Museum Director

“It was a pleasure to work with Monard in developing the innovative and creative lighting solution finally achieved in what is such a unique iconic building within Oxford. Working within a Grade 1 listed building with such a rich tapestry of history, has without doubt been an excellent experience and learning opportunity for all concerned. The final result would not have been possible if hadn’t been for the pride, passion and attention to detail shown by the entire Monard Team, hence the final result is second to none
and one for which they should all truly be proud”

Steve Downie LSC (Dipl.). Lighting Solutions Consultant, Zumtobel Lighting Limited

In the press

Check the project out in the press:

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The Ashmolean Museum Broadway

Refurbishment of a 17th Century property into a Museum – Completed 2013

Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum is the first public museum to open in Britain, respected for its focus on quality research and development and part of the University of Oxford. In 2010 the Ashmolean took the opportunity to work with Worcestershire County Council and other local stakeholders to transform the 17th century former coaching inn in the Cotswold village of Broadway, known as ‘Tudor House’, into a new Museum – The Ashmolean Museum Broadway.

The building itself underwent a major physical refurbishment to ensure every aspect met the highest museum standards. The work took several months and involved skilled contractors to install the new electrical and security systems, which had to meet national museum standards. Just like the Arts and Crafts Architect, C.E.Mallows, who carried out the last major refurbishment in 1908, we carefully maintained all of the building’s beautiful, fascinating listed features.

The historic house itself has its own history and stories, so the objects for display were chosen from the Ashmolean collections, expanding on the themes of the property itself and keeping a local Cotswolds relevance. The museum opened to the public in autumn 2013 and achieved the accolade of being the most significant cultural contribution to Worcestershire in a generation. You can see more here, on the museum’s website (link to )


Praise for Monard’s work

“With such a sensitive and important project, the Ashmolean knew it had to use a well trusted and experienced contractor to oversee the extensive refurbishment works. The building needed rewiring and a substantial security system upgrade in order to meet the National Indemnity Standards for museums. Monard can also claim to be the first company to install a fire alarm system into this property, which has an age of over almost 400 years!”

Victoria McGuinness, Ashmolean Museum Project Manager (2007-2014)


Check the project out in the press:

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The Ashmolean Museum Cast Gallery

Rewiring and relighting of galleries and storerooms – Completed 2010

In 2010 the Ashmolean Museum completed another stage in its transformation thanks to the opening of the Cast Gallery. This is one of the country’s biggest collections of plaster casts, taken from the monuments and sculptures of the ancient world. Now the Cast Gallery, once a separate building, is an integral part of the museum and has been completely redisplayed.

The Ashmolean cast collection began in 1884 and was displayed in its own purpose-built gallery in 1960. Until then visitors to the Cast Gallery had to leave the main museum building and go around to the back to get in, which was less than ideal for such an important collection. Now the gallery has been joined to the ground floor of the rest of the museum, and there’s a large break-through in the gallery’s external wall.

The project integrated the cast collection with those of the museum’s Ancient World Galleries, finally letting visitors see the sculptures of the ancient Mediterranean in their wider cultural and historical contexts. The collection is invaluable for teaching a range of subjects, vital for artists and for members of the public who, through these displays, enjoy access to sculpture from all over the world.

The refurbishment included gutting the original galleries, fixing the plaster walls and ceilings, sanding and sealing the beautiful parquet floors, major rewiring, installation of a security and fire detection system, plus gallery design and promenade relighting.

Praise for Monard’s work

“As a project on a tight budget, the Cast Gallery refurbishment had to be swift and accurate. The knowledge of Monard and the ability to work to the high standards of the University of Oxford meant that the project ran smoothly and was completed on time and on budget. The funding body was impressed with the results and has funded the Museum for other subsequent projects, which is essential for the Ashmolean to continue developing and refreshing its displays for its wide audiences.”

Victoria McGuinness – Ashmolean Museum Project Manager (2007-2014)

You can find out more in the media.

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Christ Church Undercroft Bar

Electrical rewire and new installation – Completed 2014

Christ Church is a unique institution, one of the largest colleges in the University of Oxford and the Cathedral Church for the Diocese of Oxford. It has a world famous Cathedral Choir, large scholarly collections of books and art, and is enjoyed by numerous visitors and guests at conferences and Summer Schools.

This was a unique installation covering every aspect of electrical and ancillary services. We upgraded the submains and fitted a new distribution, complete with remote monitored metering. We added a network system of inscreed ducting and conduits designed to maintain a discreet and rewire-able electrical installation. A complete new lighting system, with LED tape to all the internal stone work featured individual addresses for multi configuration and end user operation. The lighting was wired through an inverter and change over relays, creating a non-standard, far from straight forward lighting circuit. A complete new fire and security alarm installation was also carried out, monitored exclusively by the Christ Church lodge.

We worked closely with the main contractors, Knowles and Son Ltd, to ensure the client's needs were met to everyone's satisfaction before, during and after the project. And we maintained regular communication with the electrical consultants CBG throughout the project so every technical and practical outcomes was achieved in exactly the right way. The electrical engineers dedicated to this project were present from day one through to completion, a way of working designed to ensure regular personal contact between the
main and sub-contractors.

Praise for Monard’s work

Our work was praised by Mark Brewster, CBG Electrical Engineer, Tony Morris, Clerk of the Works and Adam Jagger, Knowles & Son Ltd Contracts Manager.

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