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Night Of Heritage Light 2017

For one night only, some of Oxford’s most beautiful buildings were lit up like never before.

In association with the Society of Light and Lighting, the Night of Heritage Light 2017 celebrated the art and science of light – with fun, creative designs lighting up some of the city’s most iconic sites:

  • Ashmolean Museum
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Museum of the History of Science
  • Bodleian Library quad
  • Radcliffe Camera
  • Radcliffe Observatory
  • Radcliffe Humanities.

Experts in the field of lighting put their designs on display to demonstrate the power of light. Combining their love of light and art, design teams used their skills to enhance the stunning architecture and light up the night-time environment.

Monard assisted each team with the building knowledge, temporary supplies and installation of the luminaires. All luminaires were required to be installed so as not to damage the building and be safe for the public to be in close proximity.

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Oxford Direct Services – Singletree External Lighting

External lighting for Singletree – Completed 2018

Singletree is a sheltered housing scheme run by Oxford City Council, made up of 52 flats offering retirement housing and supported housing for older people. The electrical consultant CBG had already made a survey of the existing external lighting installation, which consisted of low level, mostly damaged bollard lights and wall lights. As a result the entire area was dark, dim and potentially dangerous.

Together with Richard Ward Ltd, a trusted subcontractor, we followed CBG’s design to excavate the ground and install new ductwork and cabling. To minimise disruption for residents and keep the car parks in constant use we dug the trenches in stages. R.Ward Ltd installed draw pits to pull the cables through, including complex changes of direction that make sure any future alterations are easy to carry out.

The new LED car-park post lights we installed and set in concrete featured 5 metre tubular steel mid-hinged columns, which are perfect for safe cleaning and maintenance. The steel wired armoured cable we used was fed through these columns and glanded into an adaptable box at the same time. Once the concrete was set, we bolted and connected the light source to the column.

The Kirium Pro 1 fitting came pre-programmed to illuminate thanks to an internal photocell switch and PIR sensor. When no movement is sensed for a period, the fitting auto-dims to 10% output until it’s re-triggered. For the new LED bollard lighting, we also set the bollard support post in concrete, then bolted the bollard to the support root and connected the light source via our adaptable box.

The new bollard fittings are controlled via a combination of timeclock and PIR sensor. And we replaced the old main entrance lighting with new Bega LED light fittings connected to the existing controls.

The lighting met the CIBSE Lighting Guidelines and the SLL Code for Lighting standards, providing an efficient and subtle solution that looks good and does a great job.

Technical insights:

If you want to know more about the technical side of the lighting we used, follow the links below.

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